Thursday, 28 November 2013


Hi, My names are Emmanuel Adeyami from Uyo city, Akwa Ibom State  Nigeria and I have good news to share with the world. I have just been CURED HIV  after years of suffering with this deadly Virus. I am so thankful I have no words to express my happiness. All I can say is that God is MIGHTY and should be glorified all the time.  I have decided to share my story here with the general public of how it all stated. There are so many people out there who are suffering and by sharing this, I believe it will save someone’s life. This story is true and it is  long but I will make it as short as possible.

Laboratory test

I discovered I had the virus in July 2002 after my wife was discovered with this disease while attending antenatal clinic and i decided to check my status also. She was in denial and refused to take the Anti-retroviral therapy.  She was seriously sick and i unfortunately lost her and the baby due to the complications of the disease.  In 2004 my immunity cd4 cell count dropped to 180 and I was put on first line anti-retroviral therapy ( stavudine, lamivudine and Efavirenz)  but in  2007  they backfired on me and I developed severe side effects as my liver was seriously damaged and my hands and eyes turned yellow.  I was advised by my doctor to stop them for a while for my liver to recover before he prescribed the next course. 2nd line treatment. It took me 9 months for my liver to recover and I then I was started on 2nd line therapy. (Zidovudine, ritonavir and didanosine.) I used this new combination for 2 years up to January 2010 September when again they back fired and I was diagnosed with kidney complications. I also developed severe chronic skin disease; this was my worst nightmare ever. It was like being in hell. The itching and pain was so severe that I prayed for death daily rather than endure that pain. Doctor did some tests (Mantoux) for skin TB but it came out negative. He prescribed fluconazole for fungal infection for one month but this did not help either. The problem was later diagnosed as sarcoma (skin cancer).
Because of this new development, I was advised to stop all ARV’S and started using Septrine, vitamins and some herbs.

Now, one day around mid February 2010 as I was goggling the internet searching for answers to my skin disease out of desperation,  I luckily stumbled on this website in Kenya that claimed they could cure HIV. I thought it was a scam. How could they claim to cure HIV whereas we are being told there is no cure yet found? I had many doubts and didn't think it was true. Anyway I read through this website several times and watched the videos of people claiming to have been cured HIV. One is a police officer. Since I am a person who never loses hope, I contacted them and after several consultations and phone calls, I decided, I'm going to try them and see what happens. If it doesn’t help, it won't hurt but it’s worth trying. Furthermore I was willing to do anything to rid myself of this condition since there was no any other option left for me and as fate could have it; my body had rejected all the Anti-retroviral therapy medicines!

I wired the money (US $700) on 2nd April and made an order. They shipped the medicine to me on 5th April and after 11 days the herbs  arrived. I received them on 16th Friday from FedEx courier. The treatment, the Doctor said would take 9 months. The herbs were 4 types in total and all in capsules form. MWONGO-K, IMMUNE GUARD, LIFE GUARD for HIV and CANCERGONE  for my skin cancer. I did not hesitate. I just started the medicine the same day they arrived. The herbs were many. Fortunately, they were all in capsules form. I hate preparing herbal concoctions and again most of them have very bitter taste.  I started swallowing them in the morning and evening everyday strictly as prescribed.  They had no side effect apart from having a light stool and I could visit the toilet twice and sometimes 3 times in a day.

Herbs from Kenya Neem Foundation.
 After two weeks on treatment, I started to see some remarkable and impressive changes. My Appetite increased so much and I could now eat a lot.  My weight also started increasing back. I had lost around 17 kg. My original weight was 85 kg and I was 68 before by the time I started taking these herbs. By the first month I recovered back 5kgs and now was 73kg.  The skin disease started to cool down and heal. The itching   stopped completely in 2 weeks and also the rushes cleared after just 1 month only.

I kept contacting the Kenyan doctor every month with nagging questions for the next 4 months. Sometimes my skin would itch and some watery bumps would erupt and I was scared the cancer is coming back but the doctor assured me everything was going to be alright. There was a diet restriction like avoiding meat, soft drinks e.t.c but sometimes the craving was too much to bear and I would break the rules.

Six months along the course, I was impressed by the positive improvement. I had regained all my lost weight and was 85 kg as before I became infected. I was so alive and energized. I now gained confidence and for the first time I was able to venture out of my house and mingle with people. I had been confined to indoors only as I feared people might see me in this condition. Stigma here in Nigeria is so deeply rooted. I feared what people would say and treat me if they knew  I was infected with HIV. People will never come near you once they discover you are HIV positive. Your best friends will disconnect contacts with you immediately. My only friends were my family members. Mother, Sister and my brothers. They have been very supportive. They never new I had HIV. I did not disclose this to them. All they knew was I had cancer of the liver and skin. I felt the news would be too much for them to bear so I kept it as a secret.

Success story!
Now this is how I finally discovered that I have been cured. It was in 20th January 9 months after I finished the dose, I became very curious to know the outcome of the treatment. Many a times I would plan to visit my local clinic for testing but I would develop cold feet and return just at the door. I communicated with Kenyan Doctor and he assured me to get the test done. He told me some people took the herbs for more than one year  but they finally got cured. He also assured me he would send me another dose free of charge to continue treatment if I did not get well. One and halve month later, on 2nd of February, I went to see a doctor in my town for the test. He never knew about my history and I did not tell him. As usual, he started the counseling but I reassured him I was fine and will accept the outcome. He took my blood and performed the test. It took 15 minutes all this time I was calm as he was counseling me to accept the results in case they became positive. Finally, the doctor gave me the results to interpret for myself. Truly this was the most beautiful truth. I was HIV negative. The second HIV test strips both had one line showing I am HIV negative! One strip was for confirmatory and they both turned negative! I felt like I was going to explode with happiness and I cried for more than 10 minutes. I could not believe what God had done for me.

I shared this with my family and called the Kenyan Dr who advised me to do DNA PCR VIRAL LOAD TEST. I went back to my local doctor who referred me to Lancet Nigeria. On 23 April this month, I traveled to Victoria Island Lagos where they did this test which I have scanned and posted here. You can all now see the results for yourselves.

All I can say is that Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. If you are lonely, depressed, sick, worried or disappointed, don’t lose hope and don't think of giving up because the best is not so far from you. Be patient & kindly pray to God, he will show you the way to endless happiness in your life.
I am happy and thankful that somebody has finally found the solution to such a dreaded disease in Africa. The treatment really worked for me.  I am now writing a book about my experiences with HIV. My future looks bright. I am not living one day at a time, I am planning for my future and looking forward to it. I now have a chance to lead a full life and accomplish my dreams. For anyone interested in trying the treatment, this here is the website for Kenya Neem. God bless you all.

Emmanuel Adeyami.